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The Weather Roofing Difference 

Our goal at Weather Roofing is to be more than just your roofers – we’re striving to be your local roofing guides. For us, this means working alongside you to conceptualize and bring to reality the perfect roof for your home, without ever losing sight of the details that make the experience a great one for you. Whether you’re looking for roof replacement or repair services, you can depend on Weather Roofing to provide attentive, quality service from start to finish – making us the best choice among Charlotte roofing companies.

The superior solutions we offer are the product of three key elements: high-performance materials and technology, a thorough and thoughtful process, and caring service uniquely attuned to your needs. What sets us apart is our dedication to excellence in all these phases: we combine the best tools available with the most skilled and caring team to bring your vision to life. From our F-wave synthetic shingles to our state-of-the-art design software, we’re ideally equipped to offer you the very best in roofing technology. As we work on the project proposal and installation of your ideal roof, you’ll be communicated with and guided by people who care deeply about the experience you have working with us.

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Meet Weather Roofing

Our Story

Christina and Rob met nearly 15 years ago here in Charlotte and have spent years raising a family here and have started several small businesses in the area over the years. This is the community they know and love – where they’ve established roots – and Weather Roofing is an extension of their investment here. The company was formed out of a love for family and the vision for Weather Roofing has always been to establish a legacy for their children while creating opportunity for others to create value and wealth for themselves. Rob’s experience in the roofing industry and Christina’s gift for customer care make them the perfect team to meet the needs of their customers. The Tebbutt family is ingrained in the Charlotte community both as your neighbors and your local roofing guides. They value their role as a competent, approachable and trustworthy partner and believe they’re a breath of fresh air in the roofing industry in Charlotte.

When asked about what motivates them in life and in business, the Tebbutts always reference their love for people. They are guided by the principles of love, service, and care and are intentional about seeing and understanding people – including their customers and other members of the community. When you work with Rob and Christina, it’s clear they love doing what they do, and it is their prioritization of relationship that makes Weather Roofing unique among other Charlotte roofing companies. At the end of the day, Rob and Christina find fulfillment through building things with and for others – whether that be relationships, companies, or roofs!


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Meet Rob & Christina 

In their free time, you can find Rob and Christina spending time with their two children and two dogs. The family enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, off-roading and kayaking and often escape to the Adirondacks for a change of scenery and the chance to reconnect with one another. Playing board games and gathering around a fire with friends are also favorite pastimes for the family. They attend church together as a way to stay grounded, fill their souls, and remind themselves to be humble and forever grateful. Rob and their son enjoy dirt biking while Christina and their daughter can often be found engaged in a DIY project or baking up something delicious. 

Before their kids arrived on the scene, the couple were dog parents to a rescue pup named Braxton, who is now 12 years old. The family is completed by their Australian Miniature Labradoodle named Piper. Their love for dogs inspires them to give back to their community by donating a portion of all Weather Roofing profits to the local humane society.

Our Reputation

What they say

Rob’s success as a businessman can be attributed to the relationship and trust he builds with his customers. He listens to the customer’s needs, wants and problems, then works to find the best solution.

Darlene Cave

Rob treats people with respect, is very knowledgeable about the building industry, is a hard worker, a responsible manager and loving father of 2 kids.

Dale Mollenhauer

Robert is a go-getter and a very positive influence on all those who are lucky to cross paths with him. he lives his life with an attitude of gratitude and a contagious drive for success.

Irina Dove


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