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Consider Synthetic Roofing for Your Roof Replacement!

At Weather Roofing, we aim to provide the best roofing solutions for our customers, and that starts with the right materials. Synthetic roofing products offer a unique blend of durability, sustainability, and aesthetics that can perfectly meet a wide variety of roofing needs.

Our preferred synthetic roofing option is the Revia Synthetic Roofing Shingle by F-Wave. These shingles are available in a wide range of looks and styles, come with superior resistance to common sources of roof damage, and are manufactured sustainably. To make roofing better, it’s important to think outside the box and be open to the forward-thinking materials that are revolutionizing the roofing industry. Learn more about the advantages of synthetic roofing materials here!

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The Sustainable & Durable Roofing Solutions You’ve Been Looking For

If you’re looking to add value to your home while reducing your carbon footprint, look no further!

F-Wave Revia Shingles

Superior Durability and Longevity

Roofs perform many important functions, but the most critical job of all is to protect your home and your family. To achieve this, your roofing material needs to be able to withstand damage from a wide variety of sources, for many years.

The Revia line of shingles from F-Wave is one of the most durable and damage-resistant materials available on the market today, easily outperforming traditional materials such as asphalt shingles and wood shake. Thanks to their unique construction, these shingles are UV resistant, can withstand winds of up to 130 mph, and are Class-A fire rated. What’s more, these shingles are one of the few materials available that achieve Class 4 impact resistance—meaning they can stand up to hail that would cause severe damage to most other roofing systems.

This durability is backed by a long expected service life and a powerful 50-year warranty that keeps your roof protected for decades. With unmatched damage resistance and an unmated expected lifespan, this may be the last roof you need to install for a lifetime!

square roof shingles

Manufactured Sustainably—Disposed of Responsibly

Unfortunately, many roofing materials are difficult to recycle properly, often winding up in landfills and contributing to our ongoing problems with waste. However, thanks to their unique and forward-thinking manufacturing methods, many synthetic roofing materials are highly sustainable.

F-Wave’s Revia shingles, for instance, are made from thermoplastic polymers that are readily melted down and reformed into new products. This means that a roof made from these shingles can be recycled almost entirely when it reaches the end of its service life. At Weather Roofing, sustainability is very important to us, which is a major reason why we love to work with synthetic roofing products!

An Endless Selection of Styles

At Weather Roofing, one of our top priorities isn’t just to build strong, durable roofs. It’s to build the roof of our customers’ dreams, right down to the precise appearance and aesthetic they want for their home.

Synthetic roofing materials are the perfect option to suit any aesthetic. The F-Wave Revia Shingles we use for many roofing projects. Available in a variety of styles including: the classic appearance of architectural shingles, the elegance of slate, and the rustic look of hand-split wood shakes; you can truly achieve any look with these state-of-the-art shingles.

synthetic shingle colors and styles

Each of these options still offers the same supreme durability while providing a completely unique appearance to lend your home’s roof the gorgeous look you’ve been imagining.

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Here at Weather Roofing, we’re always looking for ways to provide the best roofing solutions for our customers. The perfect roof is a blend of excellent performance, style, and sustainable construction. Forward-thinking synthetic roofing materials are able to deliver on each of these qualities better than almost any other material; providing superior durability and mimicking the appearance of many classic roofing materials while improving on their drawbacks.

If you’re looking to upgrade the look, sustainability, or durability of your home’s roof with your next roof replacement—or all three!—consider synthetic roofing options as a potential solution. To learn more, get in touch with the Weather Roofing team today! We’re standing by to discuss your roofing options and start planning the roof of your dreams.

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Why F-WAVE™ REVIA® Synthetic Shingles?

Elegance and durability: premium materials, premium styles premium performance.

Charlotte homeowners are asking about REVIA® Shingles because they are designed to provide years of maintenance-free performance with remarkable style that can instantly improve the value of their home.

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